Canton Dizzy Dean Baseball is located in Canton, Georgia.  The mission of this organization is to provide a recreational baseball program for all youth, ages 3-18, regardless of sex, religion, race or color.  The Canton Dizzy Dean Baseball program emphasizes fun and enjoyment for children interested in playing and learning the skills of baseball, as well as the development of sportsmanship, strong character, a sense of responsibility and good citizenship in our players.

The program will always promote the following:
  • Safety first
  • Play with strict control over age
  • Proper equipment
  • Proper behavior for participants, coaches, adults, and spectators.
The major emphasis of this organization is to:
  • Provide children an opportunity for fun and enjoyment through a baseball program.
  • Provide the program to children aged 3-18 with cut off date of May 1st of the current year.
  • Teach children baseball skills and techniques
  • Practice good sportsmanship and physical fitness

Canton Dizzy Dean offers both a Spring and a Fall League.